The TLDR Version

Direct Website Sales Growth YoY
Increase in eCommerce Conversion Rate
Net Social Audience Growth (Across 12 profiles)

Where we started

OnkyoUSA (OUSA) was the sole distributor for many well known brands in the home audio space including Onkyo, Pioneer, Elite and Teac. Though the traditionally wholesale distributor had successfully implemented a eCommerce solution and was selling through AFS (Amazon Fulfillment) before my team’s time there, they had locked themselves into a costly and rigid contract with an eCommerce provider that had them paying a total cost of 8.25-8.65% per transaction.

I joined OUSA as part of a brand new eCommerce team of  directly reporting to the Global Digital Sales Director, and assumed immediate responsibility for working with him, as well as the executive team, on developing an eCommerce implementation and comprehensive marketing plan.

A Series of YouTube promotional bumpers was created for increased brand awareness for both Pioneer and Onkyo. I was responsible for directing and producing the series.

Top: Redesign of
Bottom: Transaction stats for FY18 vs FY19

Tackling the eCommerce Problem

There were 3 glaring flaws with OUSA’s previous eCommerce solution. 1) No direct access for UI improvements and feature additions, 2) Large licensing minimuns & a base transaction cost of 8.5% and 3) Long term contract tied OUSA for 8 months at minumim.

After a discovery phase that included TCO calculations for a number of different platforms and transition planning, I found it would be best to go with a WooCommerce implementation with Stripe as the processor. The former solution was best for our situation because:

  1. Quick implementation. WooComm we could tie into the current cart system before our contract expired. This allowed UI improvements and feature additions while still under contract.
  2. Bang for the buck. Platforms like Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud can do incredible things, however WooCommerce comes in at a fraction of the implementation.
  3. Total control and ownership. Though this can be scary for some teams, however owning our environment allowed for agile development flow and simplified processes.

Audience Revival for Classic Brands

Years of retail sales focus, lack of brand differentiation and inconsistent social presence had left OUSA’s customer lists outdated and their social following, though large, untapped. Our growth strategy centered around

  1. Developing brand differentiation and messaging that would lead to creation of fresh marketing assets.
  2. Implementing a consistent social media posting schedule of engaging content mixed with advertising campaigns to grow our following and email subscriber list.
  3. Focus more energy and resources on growing our video library both for current customers and prospects.

Top: Elite Brand Guidelines design and standard setting
Bottom: Growth statistics from our social aggregator platform

Enhanced content examples on both eBay and Amazon. Optimization like the above helped us achieve Top Seller status on eBay with over $250k in sales within 3 months of launch.

Seizing New Opportunities

As mentioned OUSA was engaged on Amazon, though certainly more could be done to optimize listings, however our team identified many opportunities in additional channels. As any digital marketer knows, leveraging 3rd-party relationships is key in audience and sales growth, thus our strategy for this pillar came down to

  1. Engage on additional channels. Adding eBay, Rakuten, NewEgg, and Walmart Fulfillment services to our channels.
  2. Syndicating Content and Optimizing listings. New channels create more work and data management, so it was crucial to find ways to simplify these processes. At the same time, ensuring that each channel’s listing was optimized for its particular platform
  3. Leveraging reviews across different channels.

For step 2 above, templates were developed that could be shared across multiple channels with minimal changes, these enhanced our listings (think A+ content) while also ensuring our message stayed consistent. For step 3, we engaged a company which allowed us to share Amazon reviews, as well as other channels, on our own websites – helping improve consumer confidence in our products.