“A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” – Douglas Adams

You might call me a designer, then again I’ve been called many things.  My career started in the design world but I’ve honed my skill set to include many aspects of marketing, development and creative production. At the root of it all, my philosophy on design, much like any problem, can be summed up with one basic question, “Does it work efficiently?” If a design doesn’t communicate effectively with it’s intended audience, it doesn’t work. I believe the most efficient form of any system tends to be the simplest. In a complex world full of unnecessarily loud messaging blaring at an unsafe decibel level and endless channels of communication with increasingly annoying notification sounds, people crave simplicity; it’s natural.



A selection of engagements ranging from full-scale marketing direction, to brand development, to video production. Tasty.

11 Trading Co2023-01-25T03:27:06+00:00

11 Trading Co

Onkyo Digital Marketing2020-08-04T17:23:11+00:00

Onkyo Digital Marketing

Malwarebytes Global B2B2020-07-31T13:59:04+00:00

Malwarebytes Global B2B

Paypal Partner Marketing2019-05-22T18:43:00+00:00

Paypal Partner Marketing

H5 Data Centers2019-05-22T19:14:43+00:00

H5 Data Centers

Video Production2024-02-28T22:26:36+00:00

Video Production



Never afraid of a new tool.

I’ve been in the digital marketing world for over 12 years, learned a lot of things, and likely forgot plenty :). My experience as a designer and creative director has taught me that the most important thing you can do is constantly push your skillset and evolve your problem solving, and empower your team to do the same.

Digital Marketing

  • Email & Marketing Automation – 10 Years (Act-On, Marketo, Hubspot, SendGrid, Pardot)
  • eCommerce Strategy & Optimization – 3 Years
  • Social Campaign Development & Management – 4 Years
  • Google Analytics Setup & Management – 3 Years
  • YouTube Campaign Development – 3 Years

Design & Creative

  • Creative Direction – 6 Years
  • Brand Visual Development & Management – 8 Years
  • Website Design & Development Management – 10 Years
  • Adobe CC Suite – 15 Years
  • HTML 5, Jquery – 12 Years
  • Additional Tools: Bootstrap, Sketch, SketchUp, WordPress, WooCommerce, MapTiler, GeoLayers3

Photography & Video Production

  • On-Set Direction Experience – 3 Years
  • Studio Photography  – 12 Years
  • Audio Editing & Mastering – 2 Years
  • After Effects, Premiere, Resolve – 6 Years

There’s plenty more, so just ask! Sidenote, there’s a disturbing trend of creatives putting progress bars to describe their skills, this is silliness in my opinion. For easy reference, I’ve included a progress bar depicting my thoughts on resume progress bars below.

Relative amount of trust you should put in progress bars on applicant resumes or portfolios.
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